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A Value Pack is a temporary family-wide buff that provides the following benefits: Inventory Expansion 16 slots Storage Expansion 16. Please visit BDOGuilds Subreddit for guild recruitment needs. .. There are 30+ quests that give inventory slots and you can purchase it. Your character has a standard inventory to carry the items you collect from the world, Items in your inventory require an inventory slot, but they also have an.


Black Desert How To Get More Stable Slots For Horses Explained He's done incredibly helpful videos in the past for us and this is one of. You will not lose any items if you accidentally leave them in weltraum spiel pc slots, but they will simply be locked out until you move. That's 55 free slots. There is a buff that is shown at the top of your screen if you have the buff active. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Inappropriate or infringing content Kakao Games Europe does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, article, link or comment posted by other users in the Services, and shall not be responsible for the contents of any such message, article or comment.

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We are constantly looking for ways to improve the game, your feedback and suggestions are a key part of this process. The Following 5 Members Gave Thanks To Parog For This Useful Post: Threads that have been removed or closed are not to be re-posted. Eileen's Request Black Desert Online: If you're like me and want to have as much inventory space as possible, or you simply rushed to high level by grinding and skipped all the quests, this should help you with your inventory issues!

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